Why are the Champlain fields closed?

Back in August 2017, with assistance from the City of Winnipeg, Champlain CC began to perform major maintenance and re-establishment of the field surface, hockey rink and surrounding area, which had all suffered tremendously through the freeze–thaw cycles experienced last winter. The plan (established on the advice of landscaping professionals) was to allow the grass a chance to grow back with the help of an aggressive, non-chemical weeding, seeding and feeding program and then, as soon as a solid base of snow had been established to protect it, to re-open the area. Unfortunately, the weather simply isn’t cooperating and the fields remain closed until further notice.

Please note that our hockey rinks are still open during this time of field repair – we ask that you please access the rinks from the front (South) side of the Club grounds, or through the Centre itself during regular operating hours.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we perform this maintenance to ensure that our fields are ready for our organized sports teams and recreation activities next season.