Board vacancies: we need YOU!

The Champlain Community Centre is looking for a number of volunteers to help us operate the club for the enjoyment of the community. Time commitment is minimal (a few hours a month), and the feeling you get when giving back to the community is immeasurable! There are even a few perks, like discounts on gym rentals, and the opportunity to hang out (mostly virtually these days) with the best of the best people around.

Below are a list of positions about to be vacant at the end of October (as at our Annual General Meeting on October 27), but if none of them appeal to you, we can create a custom position just for you! We’re always looking for ‘members at large’ to assist with assorted duties. If you’re interested, know someone who is interested, or you’re on the fence and you want to talk it through, please email Janice at and get the conversation started!


Sets the agenda, chairs the meetings, and guides the overall strategic direction of the club’s vision and operations. You ‘da boss!


Assists with Executive-level decision-making. Takes on the duties of President should the President and 1st Vice-President not be available. You a ninja-style leader, always helping out but also waiting in the shadows and striking with skill and precision when needed to fill in on a number of areas.


Provides a safe and clean environment for all who use the facilities and grounds. This position is a little more hands-on and is best suited for someone who lives nearby and has a bit of extra time on their hands. Actual work, like cleaning, repairs and ice maintenance is all done by paid employees, but the Director is in charge of managing and monitoring the work.



Oversee the canteen operation, from staffing to inventory. This position is best suited for someone with experience managing casual employees… and it wouldn’t hurt if you’re the kind of person who likes snacking.