Covid-19 Message for November 23

Champlain & Covid-19

We are all in this together – it’s a message with two meanings. One message is; if we each do our part, we will all get through this. The second message in this is; your actions have an impact on me. So at Champlain CC we want our actions to help stop the spread, so that we can be there to support our community with activity options when it is safe to do so.

In order to accomplish this we have closed our building, cancelled all in-house programs and rentals; and are relying on our volunteer board members to take on the tasks of keeping the building safe, secure and maintained. So if you notice something is out of place, or a safety issue that needs to be addressed please send us a message via social media to make sure that we are aware.

We have been instructed by the provincial government that we are not currently allowed to start making and maintaining any ice rinks on our grounds. However, we like most Winnipegers are crossing our fingers that we can put in a rink or two this year so that we can have some sort of semi-social activity to do. In order to start the ice making and get the rinks up and running as fast as possible once we get the go ahead, we have had to lock the rink gates. If everyone and their dogs could stay out of the enclosed hockey rink right now, it will allow us to make the ice once we get the go ahead. If we are not able to go ahead and make ice this year, due to the lockdown measures continuing for an extended amount of time the board will re-evaluate the current locked gate situation.

Please stay safe and healthy; your community needs you.

Champlain Community Centre